About Gudhjem Glasrøgeri
Gudhjem Glasrøgeri – or the “Glass Cottage” as it is commonly called – is only a stone’s throw from the Baltic Sea, whose vistas are a natural feature of Gudhjem and Bornholm in general.

As if they were spontaneously created and shaped by the surrounding rocky landscape. This magnificent natural setting, the elements and the local ambience of Gudhjem form the essence of our small workshop and shop.

My name is Pernille Bastrup, and I have been the owner of and an active glassblower at Gudhjem Glasrøgeri since 1993. I became a qualified glassblower by attending the National School of Glass in Orrefors, Sweden, from 1979 to 1981. This is a leading school in the glass art craft and offers one of the most thorough glassblower study programmes in the world.

My affiliation with Gudhjem and “The Glass Cottage” goes back further, however. Gudhjem Glasrøgeri is the oldest glassblowing workshop on Bornholm today. It was started in 1978 by musician Mogens Dam who was deeply fascinated by and fond of glass and the glassblowing craft. Back when Mogens was part of the business, I used to spend my school summer holidays with my grandparents in Gudhjem.

I frequently hung out at the glassblowing workshop where my mother was a sales clerk in the summer. As I was at the workshop all the time anyway, during staff breaks I learned how to remove glass from the kiln and make bottle stoppers and similar simple objects. It was after just such a summer that I sent in my application to Orrefors and was accepted.

After graduation, and brief periods of employment elsewhere, I returned to Gudhjem. From 1981, I worked as a glassblower at Gudhjem Glasrøgeri and was also responsible for much of the design. It seem only natural to take over the lease in 1988.

In 1993, I bought the business and workshop – and the rest is history. I have been very fortunate to have splendid employees who have worked here for both shorter and longer periods op time. Their fresh blood and inspiration in the workshop might explain why I am just as enthusiastic about blowing glass today as when I started.

I continue to find it deeply satisfying – and a gift in itself – to have the opportunity to develop new designs and implement my ideas with the assistance of skilled creative employees.


Personal contact is important to us. Therefore we receive all orders ourselves and we also pack and send your glass. Orders are dispatched as agreed as soon as your payment appears in our account. To submit an order, please go to “KONTAKT”.


My vision is to make glass for everyone, at affordable prices for everyone. My biggest joy is when people use my glass as on a daily basis and for special occasions alike. Because it is only when you stand holding a glass in your hand that you truly feel the glass itself. Not when it is just standing on a shelf.  It is deeply satisfying to demonstrate how glass is made in our workshop and to teach other glassblowers to carry on this age-old craft so it is not erased from our collective memory by mass production.

I love going to work and blowing glass – sitting on the bench, being inspired and getting new ideas together with my glassblowers. I also like the fact that we are a small business in close contact with visitors who come into our shop, as well as with the people of Gudhjem and friends who drop in for a pleasant chat.


Gudhjem Glasrøgeri
Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 13A
DK-3760 Gudhjem
For orders and other enquiries:
Tel.: +(45) 5648 5468
e-mail: info@gudhjem-glasroegeri.dk.

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